SPECIAL PROMO — SHTD only $0.99!

In memory of 9/11, I’m offering the ebook version of SHTD for only $0.99 all through the month of September.* *EXTENDED THROUGH OCTOBER 15!* You can buy it on Amazon:  https://www.amazon.com/Jim-Baton/e/B01G9XGMWQ Or itunes, or Nook or Kobo, or several other ways: https://books2read.com/u/476Djm After you read it, please post your review! And if you know someone whoContinue reading “SPECIAL PROMO — SHTD only $0.99!”

The Battle for our Children

A lovely young woman (we’ll call her “Star”) wearing a head covering came into our office recently to apply for the position of Peace Generation Coordinator that we had advertised. She already had a master’s degree and seemed to be from a family of some wealth, so I was surprised to hear how she spentContinue reading “The Battle for our Children”