Jim Baton (pen name) has spent the last 20+ years living in the Muslim world, where he’s been involved in a variety of peace and reconciliation activities including interfaith dialogue, training elementary through university students in peace principles, and bringing Christians and Muslims together to pray.  His real name and photo won’t appear on this site to protect his identity from radical groups where he lives out his faith.  When in America, Jim is available to speak to groups that have a heart for loving those of the other religion and can protect his identity.

Jim also has a been on a lifelong pursuit of personal and societal revival and transformation. His newest series of novels, the Hope Trilogy, encapsulates all he’s learned along this journey, with faith that God will visit us again in our day.

Meanwhile, Jim’s award-winning novels from the Peace Trilogy are transforming people’s perceptions on Muslims and how God would have us relate to them in love. Here’s one reader’s testimony:

“The Peace Trilogy Series has shown me some things that aren’t always obvious at first. Perhaps one reason why Jesus Christ taught using parables is because stories teach us things we can’t learn any other way. When we read stories, we develop an intimacy with the characters. We feel their emotions.

“The scholarship of a nonfiction book remains in the intellect. Stories reach the heart. Love, hate, hopelessness, and redemption, I felt all those emotions in the Peace Trilogy Series. I even felt pity for the antagonists who had become radicalizedThey were misled, perhaps demonically possessed in one instance, but they still had souls. They weren’t beyond redemption.

“It only takes one person to make a difference, to bring peace to a village, a community, a school, or a country, and the Peace Trilogy Series provides an example of how reconciliation is possible. I look forward to reading the third and final book in the series, A Violent Light.”

(You can read more of this review here.)

What a life-changing conclusion–“It only takes one person…reconciliation is possible.”

Jim wants to be that person. Hopefully you will too.


Please contact Jim Baton with your questions or invitations to speak to your group by email: JimBaton@gmail.com

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