Win a Free Copy of A VIOLENT LIGHT

WIN A FREE COPY OF JIM’S NEW THRILLER!   To be eligible to win one of 3 giveaway copies of A VIOLENT LIGHT, here’s all you have to do:   Post a review of at least 2 sentences of SOMEONE HAS TO DIE or A WAY OUT OF HELL to one of the sites listedContinue reading “Win a Free Copy of A VIOLENT LIGHT”

For Aspiring Writers

   Everywhere I travel and speak, I meet people who are writing or wanting to write. I want to encourage you to go for it! There have never been as many tools and services available for writers as we have now. Professional editors, cover artists, formatters, and marketers are available to make sure the self-publishedContinue reading “For Aspiring Writers”

Entering the Writer’s Alternate Reality

I felt tremendous joy and satisfaction this week watching my second novel, A WAY OUT OF HELL, pop up on! Nearly two years of work finally ready to be shared with the world. But if writing a novel is difficult, for me getting the word out to people is much more of a challenge.Continue reading “Entering the Writer’s Alternate Reality”