The Best Way to Remember 9/11

0381Remembering 9/11 can be a sobering time for our nation. The terrorism-caused tragedy traumatized our country in a way few other events ever could. Unfortunately, some choose to use this memory to stir up fear, prejudice and rejection of Muslims.

Others, however, choose to respond in a more positive way. September 11 has now become the date of highest charitable giving in the US–how redemptive is that! Some are choosing to remember by praying for our nation on 9/11. And some are going a step further, to building new relationships with Muslims for peace.

I say this all the time in my blog posts–the best way to ensure that jihadist recruiters in America never get welcomed into a Muslim home is for that home to already have non-Muslim American friends in the living room, helping our Muslim neighbors to feel like they belong in our community.

My good friend Thomas Davis sent me this powerful 5-minute video link to a remarkable church who is doing exactly that. Everyone in America should see this–

I challenge all my Christian friends today to a fresh commitment, to remember 9/11 by determining in our hearts to “love your neighbor as yourself.”

PS: My e-book SOMEONE HAS TO DIE is still on sale for only 0.99 right here–

Perhaps you know someone who needs to read it. Passing this book on is a great way to remember 9/11 too. 🙂

Published by Jim Baton

Jim Baton (pen name) has spent over 25 years living in the Muslim world, where he’s been involved in a variety of peace and reconciliation activities including interfaith dialogue, training elementary through university students in peace principles, and bringing Christians and Muslims together to pray. Jim's writing, speaking and teaching is helping Christians and Muslims build bridges of understanding, love and prayer both in Muslim nations and at home in America. His novels contain a depth of understanding regarding the roots of the Christian and Muslim conflict, how to bring healing to Abraham’s broken family, how to combat terrorism with non-violence and love, and how to become a true peacemaker.

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