Hope is a Dangerous Place–New Release

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I’m happy to announce the release of my newest novel, the first in a new trilogy with the theme of pursuing revival and societal transformation in America.

As always, the truths I want to present are woven into an entertaining suspense story, this time set in rural Colorado.

The hope for revival rests upon several ordinary people: a frustrated pastor, his daughter who doesn’t like church, her fearful best friend, an idealist teacher with a poor track record, and an ex-crusader journalist ready to quit.

But the main character is really the town of Hope–a dying town that has lost its sense of destiny. Much like many towns and cities in America, the town has a few rich and powerful people who are heartlessly sucking the life from everyone else, and a majority of the population who are just struggling day to day to survive.

There are “giants” in the land. No one carries enough faith to believe that the town could significantly change.

But God answers prayer, and when He starts showing up in unexpected ways, His light exposes the darkness, and the battle begins…

I hope you enjoy this new series, and share your thoughts about it either directly with me or with the world through a review on Amazon, your social media, or anywhere else.

And I hope this series stirs you to pray and believe that the next 20 years in America will see many towns and cities transformed by authentic revival.

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Published by Jim Baton

Jim Baton (pen name) has spent over 25 years living in the Muslim world, where he’s been involved in a variety of peace and reconciliation activities including interfaith dialogue, training elementary through university students in peace principles, and bringing Christians and Muslims together to pray. Jim's writing, speaking and teaching is helping Christians and Muslims build bridges of understanding, love and prayer both in Muslim nations and at home in America. His novels contain a depth of understanding regarding the roots of the Christian and Muslim conflict, how to bring healing to Abraham’s broken family, how to combat terrorism with non-violence and love, and how to become a true peacemaker.

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