In the HOPE Trilogy, teenagers Kelsey and Harmonie solve mysteries, fight for justice, experience the supernatural, and find their place in God’s destiny for their town of Hope, Colorado.


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From the back cover:

Seventy-five years ago, fifteen-year-old Hope McCormick disappeared. To remember her, the newly incorporated town was named “Hope.” When high school friends Kelsey and Harmonie begin looking into this unsolved mystery, they discover that someone will do anything to make sure the town’s secrets never come to light. Which neighbors are allies, and which face masks a violent enemy? And what will it take for their struggling town to fulfill its original destiny of hope?

The Hope Trilogy is written for those who are hungry for God’s revival and transformation of their communities.


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Purchase at Amazon: Hope in the Balance

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From the back cover:

The small town of Hope is shaken when teenagers Kelsey and Harmonie uncover its skeletons of the past. Will those secrets tear the town apart, or will they become a path to healing? Meanwhile, it appears someone is willing to use any means necessary to take over their town. The girls look for new allies to save Hope. A House of Prayer arises to confront demonic forces, leading to glimpses of angelic activity. As the intensity of the warfare increases, people on all sides are being pushed past their limits. The future of Hope hangs in the balance.

The Hope Trilogy is written for those who are hungry for God’s revival and transformation of their communities.

Johnny Enlow, founder of RISE, author of The Seven Mountain Renaissance: Vision and Strategy through 2050 and Rainbow God: The Seven Colors of Love gave this wonderful endorsement:

“All over the world radical lovers of God are rising up to reform their communities. We’re about to see entire cities and nations experience supernatural kingdom transformation. Jim Baton’s HOPE Trilogy captures in riveting narrative what it could look like.”

Tiffany Hersh, book reviewer from Lights in a Dark World, adds this:

“A great suspenseful read! I was so into this book. I wanted to know what happened to Hope McCormick. I wanted to know why everybody was so obsessed with leaving the past in the past. I wanted to know everything! I instantly fell in love with the characters Kelsey and Harmonie. Every time I thought I had the answer, I’d find out a new twist which would lead me in a different direction. I loved every minute of it!”

To purchase multiple copies for gifts or ministry, please ask me for a discount.

If YOU like the books, please let me know by writing me or posting a review on Amazon and Goodreads! Happy reading, and may revival come to our nation!

5 thoughts on “HOPE TRILOGY

    1. No, I receive much more on orders through my website, but please order in whatever way is best for you! I’m thrilled that you’re interested in my book, and hope you’ll post a response when you’ve read it!


  1. Will you publish an ebook version of this? Having lived in Indonesia and in particular Java, for two years as a missionary, I’m really interested in your book.


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