HBT front I’m happy to announce that the Hope Trilogy is now complete!

After the book’s description, please keep reading about this profound writing journey for me.

Purchase at Amazon: Hope Breaks Through

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From the back cover:

The tension in the town of Hope builds to a climax in this thrilling conclusion to the Hope Trilogy. A major setback for those pursuing a citywide transformation drives them back to the House of Prayer and opens them to new partnerships with others. Change begins to infiltrate the spheres of business, education, media and the arts, resulting in all-out war with a corrupt government. Teenagers Kelsey and Harmonie are once again at the epicenter of shaking their city as they investigate a murder and fight for social justice, determined to see their town finally come into its destiny.

The Hope Trilogy is written for those who are hungry for God’s revival and transformation of their communities.

What a surreal journey!

I’m stunned at how the themes God gave me to write on last year and early this year, resulting in these 3 books, are so timely for our moment in history. The HOPE Trilogy addresses dealing with the sins of the fathers, racial injustice, race-motivated riots, police abuse of power, transformation in the 7 mountains of culture (government, media, business, education, religion, arts & entertainment, & family), the power of a citywide house of prayer, and angelic involvement in bringing revival and transformation.

It carries a prophetic vision for America’s broken places in 2020 to be awakened, healed and transformed.

We’re living in extraordinary times. There is a call for us to awaken to a past we’ve yet to overcome, a present pregnant with possibilities, and a future world that looks so much better than what we have now! God’s heart is to make all things new. Time to imagine and build a transformed world.

If you know someone who needs a fresh injection of hope right now, please buy these books for them!

Get the whole series at Amazon

Published by Jim Baton

Jim Baton (pen name) has spent over 25 years living in the Muslim world, where he’s been involved in a variety of peace and reconciliation activities including interfaith dialogue, training elementary through university students in peace principles, and bringing Christians and Muslims together to pray. Jim's writing, speaking and teaching is helping Christians and Muslims build bridges of understanding, love and prayer both in Muslim nations and at home in America. His novels contain a depth of understanding regarding the roots of the Christian and Muslim conflict, how to bring healing to Abraham’s broken family, how to combat terrorism with non-violence and love, and how to become a true peacemaker.

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