Pay Attention to Your Dreams

One of my favorite parts of living happens when I’m asleep and I dream… This Christmas, I was reminded how important dreams were to the Christmas story. If Joseph and the Wise Men hadn’t paid attention to their dreams, Christmas would have been ruined. Then I was chatting with someone who said they categorize theirContinue reading “Pay Attention to Your Dreams”


I’m happy to announce that the Hope Trilogy is now complete! After the book’s description, please keep reading about this profound writing journey for me. Purchase at Amazon: Hope Breaks Through Also available on iBooks, Nook and others From the back cover: The tension in the town of Hope builds to a climax in thisContinue reading “New Release–HOPE BREAKS THROUGH”

Christmas in the Bible and the Al Qur’an

“Why do you think God announced the birth of Al Masih (the Messiah) to shepherds?” I asked my Muslim friend. We had been talking about the Christmas story, and how the Al-Qur’an and the Bible emphasize different aspects of the story, but the Bible definitely includes a lot more detail. Already mentioned were the similaritiesContinue reading “Christmas in the Bible and the Al Qur’an”